XYLØ IN CONCERT:Alt-pop brother and sister duo XYLØ developed a devoted following after the viral success of their brooding, sumptuous 2014 debut single "America." Since then fans have also fallen in love with the group's lush productions in concert, where vocalist Paige Duddy exudes attention-grabbing charisma and Chase Duddy delivers spliced samples and echoing beats. Paige is the perfect singer to bring the group's heartbreak suites to life, with a lilting delivery that wrenches all the emotion out of favorites like "Afterlife," "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea," and "Fool's Paradise." Ticket buyers will love every moody moment of XYLØ's live concert experience as they sway to the group's melancholy and infectious grooves.

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XYLO, although awesome, the opening act is what did it for me. Softlit played, and they were great. Her voice is effortlessly smooth, and the tunes make your body sway. XYLO was respectively high energy, but for a wednesday, the crowd wasn't (oh well). The guitarist was ROCKIN out, and stole the show, in my opinion. Drinks were yummy, pens shaped as drumsticks and guitars were available outside, as well as sunglasses and keychains (Free!) The venue is awesome. Spacious, and with VIP balcony (how do you get up there??)
Rough Trade NYC - Brooklyn, NY - Wed, Jun 29, 2016
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