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What time does 2CELLOS finish?

And you can catch this phenomenal act one more time, at the OVO Wembley Arena on 2 and 3 June.
What2Cellos farewell, OVO Arena Wembley
Nearest tubeWembley Park (underground)
When02 Jun 22 – 03 Jun 22, Two concerts, doors open 7PM
WebsiteClick here for more information and booking

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What time do the 2CELLOS come on stage?

Date and time:

7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
And another question: does 2cellos have an opening act?
Lastly, the opener, Jon McLaughlin, was an awesome surprise. He is really talent and charming and kicked the show off perfectly. 2 cellos was the most amazing experience in classical/rock music I've ever experienced. It was fun, beautiful, engaging, and relaxed.

You can also ask: who is opening for 2cellos 2022?

Not 2Cellos' concerts. The duo, made up of Croatian cello virtuosos Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, will bring their uniquely stylized brand of modernized classical music to venues all over the world on their 2022 "Dedicated" tour which includes concerts in Philadelphia (April 1) and Brooklyn (April 3).
You can also ask: how many bows does 2cellos go through?
We get asked that a lot. We always carry around 8 bows on the road with us and one bow would usually last for 3 shows. So, if we have a longer tour we have to re-hair them from time to time in different cities.

Did the 2CELLOS break up?

But now their unlikely success story is coming to an end. The duo's current concert tour - joined, as usual, by drummer Dusan Kranjc - belatedly in support of 2021's 10th anniversary album "Dedicated," will also be its last. "We both have totally different lifestyles," Hauser, 35, says by Zoom from Croatia.
You can also ask: why are 2cellos quitting?
Šulić and Stjepan Hauser decided to part ways two years ago to focus on their own projects after a hectic 8 years together touring the world. "That was insane. We really overdid it. 200 flights a year, constant concerts, traveling on all continents and filming.

Correspondingly, why is this 2cellos last tour?

The duo went on hiatus in 2018 and focused on solo projects for a while, only to be reunited by the pandemic which brought them together to work on new music. They released their sixth studio album 'Dedicated' in 2021. 'This tour is the culmination of everything we've achieved as 2Cellos.
What kind of cello does 2CELLOS play?
Luka and Stepjan: For 2CELLOS shows we use Yamaha silent cellos, but for classical music we use wooden acoustic cello. All our recordings are made on wooden cello as well.

Where are the 2 cello guys from?

Background. Hauser is from Pula, Croatia, and Šulić is from Maribor, Slovenia (to a Croatian father and Slovenian mother). They met at a master class in Pula while still in their teens. They were both educated at the Academy of Music in Zagreb.

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