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Where can I watch YG family?

You can watch music videos from YG FAMILY on the Facebook app or on your computer.

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Does BTS tour in America?

SEOUL, Feb 23 (Reuters) - South Korean boy band BTS will return to the United States for a series of concerts in Las Vegas in April, their agency said on Wednesday.
Will there be a SEVENTEEN World Tour 2022?
SEVENTEEN announce 'BE THE SUN' world tour dates: Seoul, Los Angeles, Toronto, and more, Asia arena concerts confirmed for November and December 2022. SEVENTEEN are going on tour.

Thereof, is bts going on tour in 2022?

BTS speculate that this 2022, they will complete their world tour, given with the seven members, they will include several continents, as officially announced among countries such as: United States, Japan, Australia, Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and many more.
Which K-pop group has the biggest concert?
Here Are the Most Popular K-Pop Concerts of All Time
  • BTS- World Tour: Love Yourself ~1,585,000+ with 51 shows (still touring). (
  • BIGBANG – MADE World Tour ~1,500,000 with 66 shows (2014-2015)
  • BIGBANG - 0 TO 10 Asia Tour 1,115,000 with 24 shows. (
  • TVXQ – Begin Again Japan Tour 1,005,000 with 20 shows (2017-2018)

Thereof, who was the first k-pop group to perform in america?

In 1959, the Kim Sisters went to Las Vegas and became the first Korean artist to release an album in the U.S. pop market. Their cover of "Charlie Brown" reached No. 7 on the Billboard Single Chart. The Kim Sisters also appeared on TV programs and radio programs and held tours in the U.S. and Europe.
Which K-pop group has the first lightstick?
Bigbang Lightstick

The Bangbong (also called crownstick) was the first ever Kpop lightstick and there are already 4 versions available. The first version was actually designed by G-Dragon. All versions are have a black handle with a yellow crown on top.

Regarding this, why is blackpink blamed for 2ne1 disband?

Following the "harsh reality check", YG gave up on 2NE1 and pushed for Blackpink's debut much earlier than planned. Fans suggest that the disbandment process which left 2NE1 in the dark might have been a power play to control that one unruly member for the last time.
Why does CL leave YG?
Thank you." ORIGINAL STORY (Nov): South Korean pop star and rapper CL has reportedly left YG Entertainment following a contract dispute. According to reports, the singer and the agency failed to agree on terms of the contract, leading to her departure.

Does YG still own 2NE1?

2NE1 (Korean: 투애니원; RR: Tuaeniwon, IPA: [tʰu. ɛ.ni. wʌn]) was a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, which was active between 20.
GenresK-pop hip hop R&B dance-pop electropop
Years active2009–2016
LabelsYG Avex Group Warner Music Capitol School Boy
Past membersBom Dara CL Minzy

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